Friday, June 1, 2012

House Season 8 Episode 18

Saturday, April 14, 2012

House Season 2 Episode 24

No Reason
An old patient of House comes back and seeks revenge upon him in the form of gunshot.


House Season 2 Episode 23

Who's Your Daddy?
A Katrina survivor, presumably the granddaughter of a famous blues singer, convinces House's friend Dylan Crandall that he is her father. When the girl is brought in with a deadly illness, House is sure the girl is faking, but Crandall wants her as his daughter and Crandall won't agree to a paternity test. As House and team try to save the girl's life, House and his conscience fight over the truth vs. his friend's real desire to take the girl in.


House Season 2 Episode 22

A young mother suffers a seizure in the bathtub with her newborn son, nearly drowning him, and although the baby survives the near-drowning, his problems are far from over. Foreman returns to work with some minor brain dysfunction, and a personality change that drives House up the wall.


House Season 2 Episode 21

Euphoria: Part 2
House tries radical procedures to save Foreman's life. Foreman's father visits.


House Season 2 Episode 20

Euphoria: Part 1
A police officer in critical condition has bizarre symptoms, and Dr. Foreman finds himself in an unpleasant situation.


House Season 2 Episode 19

House vs. God
House takes on a teenage faith healer, Wilson desperately wants into a poker game, and tensions escalate between Cameron and Foreman.